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While working as a homeroom teacher in international schools in Singapore, I noticed a gap in the local Singaporean picture book market. I found it challenging to find stories that featured Singaporean-Indian children, curly-haired children, multilingual children, and female characters with short hair.


This gap served as motivation for me to introduce Rosie to other children. I also wrote Rosie and the Mamak Shop to immortalise a significant childhood routine that I looked forward to every day: getting delicious kentang curry puffs from the mamak shop uncle under my block, who was my first adult friend!

I've only ever had short hair throughout my life. Growing up, I remember the constant need to explain why I kept my hair short or, even worse, having to defend my choice. Needless to say, I certainly felt the impact of narrow beauty standards that dictate women should have long hair.


Now, as an adult, I cherish my short, curly pixie cut and wouldn't change it for anything. However, I do wish that I had had books that featured female characters who had short hair because it is important to remember that our perceptions of the world are shaped in our formative years. So I decided to stop wishing and write a picture book with a protagonist sporting short hair, navigating the emotional journey of questioning whether she should conform, and ultimately emerging with confidence, strength, and fearlessness!

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